How It Works

Our process is very easy! Call us today or submit an offer now and we'll buy your home in no time. So what are you waiting for?

Step 1

Give us a call or submit a form today; you’ll then speak to one of our agents about the property, your situation, details such as condition, tenants, occupancy, etc and then receive a cash offer for your property.

Step 2

Once your situation has been evaluated by one of our agents and a cash offer is presented, we will move forward with a contract agreement to purchase your property.

Step 3

When the price has been agreed upon for your property, one of our agents will send the contract to purchase by sending one of our notary reps to the comfort of your location. There will be no hidden fees and you will pay NO closing costs.

Step 4

Once contract between us is fully executed, we’ll proceed to set up access to verify everything discussed with our agents about the details and condition of your home. Then the closing process and title work will begin. Once we arrive to closing date the title office will send all documents to your location via overnight express or a mobile notary. When all documents are completed, the title office will then send your funds by your method of choice.



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